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☆Vol. 7☆

Premium Stage Turn Table

November 26, 2016

♪1st Stage

1 Billy vo, amamori pf, Sozo ba, Mr. Cheerful perc/

                                                 Crazy Dreams/ Megan Hilty

2 Nao vo, amamori pf/ Overjoyed/ Steevie Wonder

3 Meg vo , amamori pf/ Don't Worry About Me/ Frances

4 ジャスティン vo, amamori pf/ All Of Me/ John Legend

5 えつこ vo, amamori pf/ New York State Of Mind/ Billy Joel

6 bezzy! vo, amamori pf / Tom Traubert's Blues/ Tom Waits

7 やのっち vo, amamori pf/ Someone Like You/ Adele

♪2nd Stage

8 えるとん vo gt/ Home/ Michael Buble

9 まこさん vo gt/ That's Entertainment/ Morrissey

10 Kim vo gt/ Unforgiven II/ Metallica


11Kaho vo, 寝屋川 gt/ True Collors/ Cyndi Lauper

12 おやじ ba co, 寝屋川 vo gt, Hiroyuki gt/

        It's Only Rock 'N Roll (But I Like It)/ The Rolling Stones

13 寝屋川 vo gt, おやじ ba co, Hiroyuki gt/

                         Sympathy For The Devil/ The Rolling Stone

14 いっちー vo , 寝屋川 gt/

                             Happy Xmas (War Is Over)/ John Lennon

15 Hiroyuki vo gt, GEN ba, Mr. Cheerful perc/

                                                    Rocksteady/ Remy Shand

16 GEN vo ba, Hiroyuki gt, ひでかん co , Mr. Cheerful perc/

                                           Thinking Out Loud/ Ed Sheeran

♪3rd Stage

17 ヒデキさん vo , かほさん pf/

                                        Life Is Worth Living/ Justin Bieber

18 すんひ〜 vo pf, Hiroyuki gt, Sozo ba/

                                                  Without You/ Mariah Carey

19 Sozo vo ba, amamori pf, Hiroyuki gt, Mr. Cheerful perc/

                                              Every Breath You Take/ Sting

20 Mr. Cheerful vo gt, amamori pf, Hiroyuki gt, GEN ba/

                                           I Was Only Joking/ Rod Stewart

21 Mach-A-Man vo, amamori pf, Mr. Cheerful co perc/

                                             The Carpet Crawlers/ Genesis

22 Shige vo, amamori pf, Mr. Cheerful perc, Match-A-Man,                              寝屋川 & Billy co/ Une Nite In Paris/ 10cc

23 ビリトン vo , TR-X(仮)gt/

                               Crying In The Rain/The Everly Brothers

24 Nikki vo, TR-X(仮)gt, Meg & かほ co/

                                                       Dear Mr.President/ P!nk

25 いまっち vo , amamori pf/ Let It Be/ The Beatles

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